Friday, May 26, 2017

Two Hoots and A Holler

 Hoot #1
We survived the end of the year festivities!  Everyone had a blast this year at field day.  We participated in 6 races, and at the end of the day the Jitterbugs took 1st place!  GO JITTERBUGS!
 The Rockstars are ready for field day!
Jitterbugs and Rockstars are anxiously waiting to see who is going to win the Popcorn Relay!  
Hoot # 2
At the end of the year, we also have our Kindergarten Portfolio Breakfast and Program.  This is a bittersweet time of year.  We are excited to see our students grow, but don't like letting these precious kids go.  These students worked very hard this year, and we are so VERY proud of all of the growth each Jitterbug and Rockstar has shown this year.  Parents...Thank you for trusting us with your child for 180 days.  Thank you for supporting our class and helping to make this year a success.  We hope that we have instilled the knowledge each child needs to grow up to be successful.  We hope that we have made memories with each child that will forever be imprinted on their hearts.  We hope that in at least one way, we have made a difference in each and every child's life that we have taught.  Most of all we want our students to know that we will ALWAYS believe in them, and they will FOREVER be a part of our hearts.  They will FOREVER be a Jitterbug or a Rockstar!  We can't wait to see what an impact these kiddos will make in the future! 

This Week's Holler...
This week's holler is going out to all of our fellow kinder glitter girls (who are pictured below and the one that isn't in the picture)!!!  Without them by our side, this year would not have been as successful.  Our kinder family is the best!  We always are there for each other, and we are so much more than co-workers, we are sisters.  So to our kinder girls...this holler is for you!  We LOVE ya! 

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Two Hoots and A Holler

Hoot #1
WE HAVE CHICKS!! This has been a wonderful experience for the children (and us too)! This week the students have ran to the incubator every time they hear a noise. The first chick that hatched was honored by the name Rockstar Jitterbug. He is spunky and loves to jump right in your hand to cuddle.

The students reaction to our new friend was priceless!

Derek was so excited, he made his very own chick at home and brought it to schoool! JaVaughn loved it so much that he begged me to take a picture of him standing next to Derek's chick!
Hoot #2
The end of the year is near, and testing season has begun!  Kindergarten students have already taken their state test, and we are SO proud of how much each student has grown this year!  In order to keep things as normal as possible during this busy time of year, we have to get creative!  Students love technology, so we use that as a reward daily for growth and behavior.  They have worked so hard this year, and they deserve a little break from the norm.  They are allowed to have free time on the computers and tablets, which means they do not have to do a certain program picked by the teacher.  This has been the best reward EVER! They share and work together so well!


This Week's Holler...
Hop on over to check out The Kindergarten Connection!  This blog has a team of wonderful people, each with their own specific job to help make this blog full of creative and fun learning activities!  One of our favorite reads from this blog was the Mother's Day activities since Mother's Day is just right around the corner.  They also have lots of items for sale on Teachers Pay Teachers.  Several have already been put on our wish list!  Be sure to check them out and follow them!  You will be glad you did! 

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Two Hoots and a Holler

Hoot #1

We have been all about chicks! 
I hope you are prepared to get an update each week!
Today, we are on day 10. 
This is the calendar that we use for our chicken countdown. Each day we flip the appropriate card over to reveal what the chick looks like inside of the egg.  There is also a description of what is going on inside the egg.  The eggs on the back of the numbers were found on TpT.  Today our chick started forming the hardening of its beak.
Today we also candled the eggs. Candling is putting a light up to the egg. This allow you to look inside of the egg to see if it developing.

As you can see, the students loved doing this! Each egg is numbered. As the group of students candle the egg, they will discuss and make their prediction whether a chick will hatch from that specific egg or not. We are using a recording sheet with eggs numbered 1-24 to record their predictions. The class records their predictions by coloring the egg green if they think it will hatch or coloring it red if they think that it will not hatch.  Once they hatch, we will check to see if their predictions were right. 

Hoot #2

The students had so much fun with this project! We watched a short video that explained the meaning of oviparous. In this video, the students created their animals out of construction paper. After the video we discussed their favorite oviparous animals. They were given their choice of construction paper and asked to create it.  I think they did an awesome job! Finally, they glued them to the back of the egg and fastened the two parts with a brad. Now they can open their egg to reveal their animal to the class.

This Week's Holler...

This weeks holler goes our to Aly at Just A Primary Girl! Have you seen her blog?!? As I was scrolling through Facebook, I came across one of her posts! Y'all, it is wonderful!
I watched a video on her guided reading groups.  She is so organized! One thing that really caught my eye was her magnet return trays that she uses throughout her day! She sells them in her TPT store! Check her out!!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Two Hoots and A Holler

Hoot #1

It has been a very busy week in the Delta! Our day began with  our Fun Run! The students and staff had a blast. and we were able to raise money for new P.E. equipment. All of our kinders ran 35 laps around the gym (We had to do it in our gym due to weather). It may seem like a lot, but during some laps they do dance moves and other fun things to keep the children going. The people with the Fun Run created a tunnel for the students to run through. They even had their own D.J. How cool is that!?!?
If your looking for a fundraiser to do, this may be what your looking for!
 Here we go!!
 Conner was so proud! He was our flag holder for the event.
 Mrs. Amy decided to join in the fun!
 All of the Jitterbugs ran through the tunnel with their hands in the air!
 I couldn't be prouder of this group of kids! I am already dreading that they will be leaving me soon. This is the class that makes you want to just go with them to First Grade. If you have been a teacher for any amount of time, I know you feel my pain. A piece of my heart is definitely in the above picture.
The Rockstars are ready to RUN and have some FUN!

The Rockstars and their silly faces!  We had a blast doing this!  
Go Gators!

Hoot #2
When we finished our Fun Run, we had another surprise for our Jitterbugs and Rockstars!  Eddlemon Farms came to bring us our eggs for our incubator!! We are now the proud "Mother Hens" for 24 eggs!! The students were so excited!

Mrs. Daphne Eddlemon also another special surprise..

 4 Jersey Giants! These little cuties are 5 days old. 
These kind of chickens can grow to be as big as a dog!!

 How precious is this little one! He was my friend. I was able to hole him while Mrs. Daphne talked to the students about the eggs and the process of incubation. The students loved getting to pet each one! 

 They may have loved that the chick used the bathroom in my hands a little more!!! I was just impressed with myself that I didn't drop him!

 Day 1! The eggs have arrived! A BIG thank you to Eddlemon Farms for lending us their eggs.
Another big thank you goes out to Jaci, Jadyn and Brody Eddlemon for taking the chicks around for our students to pet!
 Not only did they let the Jitterbugs and the Rockstars see the baby chicks, they let half the school pet them!! The students were so excited! We have never had chicks at our schools before!

This Week's Holler...
We are hollering this week to Eddlemon Farms for helping us out with hatching chicks!  We are so blessed to have someone in our community willing to help us and our students learn all about chickens!  Next year, we are already planning on visiting their chicken farm before we get the eggs.  Daphne has been very helpful with answering any and all of our questions!  She has done so much to help our classes be successful in hatching these eggs!  Once they hatch, the chickens will go back to Eddlemon Farms to grow up!  This is such an awesome experience for us and our students!  We think this may become a yearly tradition!!  Thanks again to Eddlemon Farms and the Eddlemon Family!!
Be sure to like them on Facebook check out their page!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Two Hoots and A Holler

Hoot #1
 As many of you know, we went to the Ron Clark Academy in December. Since our trip, we have been implementing many of the things that we learned. Our tables are small and our supplies are stored in the middle of our table, so standing on tables would be a little difficult. Sooooo, we stand in chairs!!! That is right! At this point, during math, I introduce all new skills. Once I feel that the students have an understanding of the skill, I leave them to do the teaching! Yes, my students become teachers. I use large craft sticks to choose which student will be the teacher. That child goes to the front of the room to begin to walk students through skills such as counting on, addition, and subtraction. The student teacher will ask a question. If a student wants to respond, they must be the first one to stand in their chair. He/she is then called on by the student teacher.  If another child disagrees with the answer, that child then stands up and begins their statement with, " I disagree because..." Students can not move on to the next problem until all students are in agreement. Students show that they are in agreement by giving a "thumbs up"  hand gesture.  The same procedure happens when we are at the carpet for reading or writing.  The students simply stand where they are in order to respond.   The students love doing this! They love taking control of learning and contributing to their classroom. They have learned to support and disagree with each other calmly and with evidence.
I am so proud of them!
Below are pictures during our math time.

Hoot #2

We are busy gearing up for our Boosterthon Fun Run. This takes fundraising to whole new level! Students are sponsored by friends and family by how many laps they run! It is a great way to earn money for your school and get healthy all at the same time!  During the week of collecting money, students are given character traits that they learn about daily along with a sticker.The students are given prizes daily for the pledges that they collect.  For every $30 raised, a local family will receive 3 meals.  This is an awesome experience where everyone gets to participate whether you helped raise money or not, AND money raised helps the school and families in the community.  We recommend that you look into for your school! We have never seen our students so excited about a fundraiser before!

This Week's Holler...

This week's holler goes out to Kimberly Jordano at Kinder By Kim!  We have followed her for years through her website (  We saw her at the I Teach K! conference about 10 years ago in San Diego, CA.  We have been in LOVE with her ever since!  She has some awesome books packed full of activities that are theme based.  We were ecstatic to learn that she has a blog and a TPT store!  Go check it all out, and you will see why we think she deserves this week's holler!

Kinder By Kim-button