Friday, November 27, 2015

Two Hoots and A Holler: For this, we are THANKFUL!

Hoot #1
We truly have SO much to be thankful for that this blog could never hold everything we are thankful for.  We will just highlight a couple of school related events that we have been very thankful for this past week.  We were told we were getting new projectors, but we had NO IDEA they were going to install ENO Boards by the end of the day!  Oh My Goodness the excitement that overcame us when we realized what they were installing!!  The men installing the equipment had to think that we were crazy!  We were asking them how much room on the wall do we need?  Do we need to take down letters?  Where are you going to put it exactly?  Then we had rulers out measuring the wall above the board and running back and forth to each other's room.  Then Jamie starts snapping pictures of the board while they are still installing it!  It was like Christmas came early for us!  We are very thankful to have up to date technology to use in our rooms with our students!  We can't wait to learn all about it and see what all this bad boy can do!

Hoot #2
Our PTA did a fundraiser with turkey feathers.  The classes that sold the most feathers in each grade were the winners.  The teacher of the winning classes got to get a pie in their face in front of the entire school!  It was so much fun!  We are so thankful for such awesome co-workers and great laughs! We are blessed to work with such wonderful, caring people. We love our school and co-workers!

Here is our kindergarten girl getting ready to get pied!  Ms. Peggy even brought her poncho to wear for the occasion!  Way to take one for the team Peggy! 

Here is our principal getting pied!

Last, but not least...we are THANKFUL for these little turkeys and Indians!

Our Thanksgiving Feast at school before our Thanksgiving Holiday began!  We dressed up, made Thanksgiving place mats, and ate lunch with another class!

This Week's Holler...
Since we are in such a thankful mood, we would like to let everyone who reads this know that we are thankful for you!  We are so blessed to be a part of the blogging world now, and we could have never done this without such great support from fellow bloggers and/or teachers!  So many of you have inspired us and taught us so many things!  There are way too many of you to list, we wouldn't even know where to begin!  Kinder Glitter Girls wants to thank each and everyone of you for your kindness and inspiration, so we are giving each and every one of you a big ol' loud HOLLER...THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO! 

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Two Hoots and A Holler: Down on the Farm & Word Work

Hoot #1
This past week, we went to the farm! We had a blast going through the corn mazes and picking pumpkins.

We even went on a hay ride! How cute are these little punkins?!

Here we go! Running through the corn maze!
 We got to go through the petting zoo and feed the animals!

 We got to ride a train around the farm.  
Even had some time to stop and pose for some silly pictures!

We got to pick a pumpkin out of the patch.  We told the students, just be sure your pumpkin can fit in your backpack and make sure it is not too heavy!  Well this lil' guy was sure that this pumpkin was perfect and going home with him!  And believe it or not, he was did fit in his backpack!  haha

We had a fun filled day at the farm with our students and parents!
The weather was perfect, and it was such a great day filled with wonderful memories!

Hoot #2 
I have had some issues with students and morning work this year.  In the past, I have used binders with pages in page protectors for students to practice writing letters, writing numbers, writing his/her name, practicing addition/subtraction, etc with dry erase markers.  The binders worked great!  I tried it with this year's group, and they got bored with it quick!  I had to come up with something that would hold their interest!  I tried a few other things, and within 2-3 weeks they got bored with it too!  I also was having issues fitting all of the word work practice I wanted them to get during literacy centers.  I tried out this idea of  "morning word work", and my students are loving it!  They never get bored because they have multiple choices.  I made this in power point, and then turned it into a poster for students to use as a choice board.  If you don't have a way to make it into a poster, then just project it onto your board for students to see.  
 Students know which sight words they are studying each week because they have a list in their book box.  Some of my students aren't quite ready for sight words, so I put an alphabet strip in their book box.  They do the same activities as everyone else, they just do letters instead of words.  I think the top 3 favorites are stamping, word detective, and phone-a-word.  For word detective, the students get his/her book box and a magnifying glass.  They use the magnifying glass to search for sight words or letters in the books they have chosen to have in their box.  Phone-A-Word is popular because my class LOVES to talk!  haha  I use old hotel phones and they have to find the letters that spell the sight word on the number pad and "call" their word.  Once they "call" their word, they are to say the word in the phone 5 times.  Here are my students in action with some of their word work activities...

Magna Doodle/Dry Erase Boards

Magnetic Letters

Clothespins with letters on them to spell words

Wikki Stix



This Week's Holler...

This week's holler goes out to Em and Maria at Curious Firsties! We have really enjoyed stalking their blog this week! We totally love the "Mystery Box" activity! What a great way to get students engaged in asking questions!  By the way, we will definitely place our order to The Pencil Grip, ASAP!! Everyone stop by and check out Curious Firsties! Em and Maria have a lot of great ideas!!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Two Hoots and A Holler: Celebrate Good Times, Come on!

 Hoot #1

This week our school celebrated Veteran's Day.  Our PTA hosted a luncheon for all of the veterans, and there was a school-wide assembly afterwards.  Our co-workers worked so hard decorating the hallways, library, and gym for this special day.  They did an amazing job, and everything was perfect! Our high school band joined us for the program to play music for the assembly while each grade sang a patriotic song for the veterans.  Just being among all of the heroes in one room was brought a tear to your eye just listening to the music and seeing all of the veterans.  

Hoot #2

 Today the Jitterbugs and Rockstars got to celebrate Ms. Jamie's 40th birthday!  I stayed late to put up a few decorations in her room, in BLACK of course! I knew her parents were planning on decorating her room too, but I had no idea what they had up their sleeve!  Jamie was in shock when she walked in her room and saw everything!  She was so surprised!  Her parents really out did themselves!  They had 40th birthday things EVERYWHERE!  IT WAS GREAT!!  Check out these pictures of her room!  

The kids loved it!!
All 6 kindergarten classes got to sing "Happy Birthday"  to her today at lunch.  Her class had cupcakes, TWICE!  haha!  I bet the Jitterbugs sleep good tonight after all of the partying they did today!  

All joking aside, I really hope that my partner in crime had the best birthday ever!  She deserves only the bestI hope all of her birthday wishes come true...I am so blessed to have her in my life! Jamie, I really do think you are 40 and FABULOUS!  

This Week's Holler...

This week's holler goes out to Marissa at First Grade Stars.  Marissa is an Indiana blogger.  We loved going through her blog. Our favorite topic was her Five For Friday linky.  It was such a wonderful way to get an overview of the week in her class! We are totally jealous that she gets an iPad cart! Who cares if you have to share it?!?! We don't!!! We do not have one at all! Totally jealous! Everyone hop on over and check Marissa out!

First Grade Stars

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Two Hoots and A Holler: Learning with Letters!

Hoot #1
This week, we thought that we would show you what our kids have been doing over the past couple of weeks! We really have been doing some fun, hands on activities.

While reviewing the letter Ff, we traced our feet and measured them. These kiddos had a great time using nonstandard tools to measure the width and length of their feet. Our Fantastic Foot Measurement was a success! The class is still talking about how much fun they had with this activity.

This activity and many more activities that go with the letter Ff will be in our "Learning with Letters: All About the Letter Ff" unit on TPT. It is in the works...stay tuned!
Hoot #2
We think that our kiddos are SUPER! So there is no better way to celebrate than to take a picture of them in action...with capes...flying over a city!! 

You can find this activity and many more in our "Learning with Letters: All About the Letter Ss" unit on TPT. Click here to go check it out!

These took a couple of days, the kiddos were just as excited as I was about the way that they turned out!  We completed the project with a poem created by the students! This is definitely something that is going in the Kindergarten Portfolio!

This Week's Holler . . .
This week's holler goes out to Melissa Dailey over at Mrs. Dailey's Classroom. Melissa is a 2nd grade teacher. Right now, each month, Melissa is going to blog about tips to build a classroom family! Her latest post talked about celebrating birthdays in the classroom and boy, does she have a special way she celebrates birthdays in her class. I am not going to tell you. You will just have to hop over to her blog and check it out! If you hurry, you can enter the drawing!
Mrs Dailey's Classroom