Saturday, November 29, 2014

Our First Leap of Faith

Hey ya'll!  Thanks for checking out our blog.  This is our first, of hopefully many, posts.  We have always used teaching blogs as our main "go to" resource.  We have been talking for a few years of creating our own blog.  We have always been too nervous and unsure of ourselves to begin such a task!  After all, we are only kindergarten teachers!  After visiting Greg Smedley-Warren's classroom, he and his staches gave us the push and words of encouragement we needed to take our first leap of faith.  Today is the day that we decided to jump right in!  We are Jamie and Jodi (AKA Glitter Girls), we have been teaching together for 14 years.  We teach next door to each other, and we balance each other out.  Jamie is the fiery red head who is always full of energy and the spontaneous one; Jodi is the one who tries to keep everything organized with lists and the one who loves to joke and laugh. Jamie is the one who has the guts enough to actually do the ideas that Jodi comes up with; however, everyone knows at our school that if a prank has been played, we are guilty!  We are inseparable, like glitter and glue!  We laugh together, cry together, come up with teaching ideas together, and even get in trouble together (mostly by our principals, ha ha).  Our school is in rural Northern Mississippi in one of the fastest growing counties in the state.  Our school is in a very rural area of the county (our playground is literally next to a soybean field).  Many of our children have limited experiences and lack background knowledge.  We believe the lack of these things does not define our students.  We feel very strongly about making a difference in each child's life.  There is nothing greater than seeing the sparkle in our students' eyes when they finally "get it".   Everyone can succeed, everyone has goals, and everyone can accomplish them.  So here we go setting out to accomplish one of our goals!  There are many goals in our career we want to accomplish, and we would like to take you along with us.  We hope that you will follow us to read and see what all we do in our classrooms.  There will be many stories of what we are doing and pictures to follow. 

We are off to sit back and enjoy our big ole glass of sweet tea!  Ya'll come back now, ya hear?