Sunday, March 22, 2015

Teacher Tool Swap Gifts
We are so excited to share with you the gifts we received at the Spring Teacher Blogger Meetup!  We have to say that the Teacher Tool Swap was a great idea!  There were a lot of cool things that were swapped, and there were a lot of things that we never even knew existed! (ex: Scentos Dry Erase Markers, Frixion Erasable Pens, Scentos Marker Holder, Etc.)  We are excited to see and learn about everyone's gift! 

At the Teach Tool Swap I ended up with Mr. Greg's, from The Kindergarten Smorgasboard, favorite teacher tool.  I was so excited when I opened it up to find not one, but FOUR of his infamous GLUE SPONGES!!!  As soon as I got back to school on Monday, I showed my kiddos my prize.  They could hardly wait to get to work just so they could use their new glue sponges!  If you  have never heard of glue sponges or want to know how to make them, then click on the picture below to go to his blog post on how to make them.
Thanks Mr. Greg!!  Ms. Jodi's Rockstars think your glue sponges ROCK!
I suggest making just a few to allow students to learn how to share.  I have 24 students and 4 glue sponges, they share these so well.  Now I hear the best manners coming from my Rockstars when they are gluing just because they don't want to miss out on using the glue sponges.  I do plan on making more, but I just haven't gotten around to it yet.  

At the Teach Tool Swap, I landed Mrs. Suzanne's, from Mrs. St. Johns Small Wonders, teaching tool!  It was a group of six plastic containers to  put by my tables to collect the never ending trash that students create.  My students have truly enjoyed having their own can for their group!  Thank you, Mrs. Suzanne, Ms. Jamie's Jitterbugs love their gift!


  1. Glue sponges are awesome! And those cute little trash buckets are perfect! Hope y'all don't have to go to work on Saturday again! Yuck!

  2. Yes we agree!! Both tools are awesome!! We have one Saturday in our near future, just not sure how many more we may have yet. It really wasn't that bad. Gives us a chance to do fun things we normally don't get to every day. It was a very laid back kinda day.

  3. So lucky to be the ones to receive the glue sponges!! It was great meeting you girls, you're so spunky and fun!
    Tickled Pink in Primary

    1. It was great meeting you too! I'm so in love with the glue sponges!!