Thursday, February 11, 2016

Two Hoots and A Holler: Handwriting and Dinosaurs

Hoot #1
Need to reinforce letter and letter sounds?? How about rhyming and word families?? This might be just for you! These kiddos have loved writing in their new poetry journals. We have enjoyed watching them as they are reinforcing letters, letter sounds, and improving their handwriting without even knowing it!

I can not tell you how their handwriting has improved! As they are writing, I usually circle the  room.  I conference with students about letter formation.  The students highlight sight words and circle punctuation.  As a teacher, it is so exciting to watch their face light up when they sound out and discover new words!
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Hoot #2
This year we have had some students who were very interested in dinosaurs, so we decided to do a dinosaur unit this year.  This was our first time to do a dinosaur unit...let us just say it was VERY interesting!  We learned just as much as the kids did!  We began by looking on TPT for dinosaur units, and we purchased a few to help us out.  Deanna Jump, Julie Lee, Kindergarten Smorgasboard, Kindergarten Rocks, and Kindergarten Lifestyle have some AWESOME dinosaur units on TPT!  With the help of a little research and these wonderful teachers sharing their ideas on TPT, we were ready to teach all about dinosaurs.  Take a look to see some of the activities our classes participated in over the past 3 weeks....

We were paleontologists for a day.  We made our hats and were on our way to excavate!  Students loved excavating chocolate chips from cookies.  They used toothpicks and paintbrushes to help them excavate the "bones" from the "dirt".  They LOVED this activity!

After they were done, they counted how many chocolate chips they excavated, and we graphed them in the hall.  We had a class discussion on who had the least, most, and the same amounts.  

We used air dry clay and plastic dinosaurs to create our fossils.  Students got to choose their favorite dinosaur to make their fossil.  
Here are some more crafts we did from the units we purchased.  Students made a Triceratops and wrote about what they would do if they were a dinosaur.   We also created skeletons of a T-Rex by cutting the bones out of paper and gluing them to look like a T-Rex.  They added the rib bones by using white paint and a Q-tip. 
We kinda ran low on white paint, so we had to improvise with liquid white out.  It actually worked great! 

Our dinosaur unit was a HIT!  
The students were so excited to learn about different dinosaurs, and LOVED being paleontologists for a day. 
This Week's Holler...
This week's holler goes out to Tracy South and Mrs. Moon at 4th Grade Dynamic Duo! We absolutely love that there are two friends that decided to blog together, just like us! They have got some wonderful ideas.  We really like the idea of their Virtual Learning Day.  We are already trying to figure out how to fit it into our schedule this year.  We know that it will take a lot of planning, but it has really caught our attention.  Go check out their blog!!!!!

4th Grade Dynamic Duo

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