Thursday, September 1, 2016

Two Hoots and A Holler: Learning and Growing!

Hoot #1

This hoot is all about CENTERS!! These kiddos have gotten off to a great start this year! They have really enjoyed working interdependently. 

These Jitterbugs are hard at work putting the alphabet together! And look at those cute cards!! They were bought at Dollar Tree! I was able to buy enough for every station to have several!

Here is another center that Yaretzy is enjoying! She is putting numbers together 0-10. Yes, these were also purchased at Dollar Tree. Don't you just love that store?!

 Here is a student working with a Venn Diagram to compare curved and straight lines with each letter of the alphabet.

Isidro was so proud of his cutting skills!!

 Haley loved putting blocks together to create the letter "L".
Hoot #2
I thought that it was time to share our rooms! Things are still coming in daily, so we are unable to put things on the walls in our rooms for now. We have really gone back and forth about posting about our newly renovated classrooms.  I mean, all of August, we have seen wonderful posts of beautiful classrooms. We have been so jealous. But the more we thought about it, we thought why not. Everyday, we hear that teaching is hard. We hear "teachers can do anything". We hear "real teachers can teach under any circumstance".  We believe that!  And our students are growing each and every day!  We are so thankful for our new rooms, we wanted to share the adventure with you!

Of course, this is the first thing that went up in my room.....
Yes, this is my cabinet door to my old classroom.  My Jitterbugs created this so that I would have something old in my new classroom!

We are still waiting on our library cases to arrive. This is my library, for the moment.  Right now, I am teaching my students how to get books and return them to their proper spot.   

 This is our new board! They just arrived a week ago! Those are cork boards beside them.  All of the boards slide to provide TONS of storage behind them. Hopefully, our interactive projectors can be installed next week! 

 We received all new storage bins! These are my center stations and of course we could not leave out the Cadillac of all easels!!!
More storage areas for mats and mailboxes.

 This had more storage trays on it, but I have decided for it to house my book boxes this year.

We have basically have a blank slate. And as crazy as this sounds, it has been very nice to start our year with blank walls!  We add to it as we teach it and our students learn it.  Never in a million years, would we think we would ever say that!  We are usually in our rooms working all summer, so this has made us see things differently for sure!
We can't wait to show more as we get inspired to create!

   This Week's Holler . . .
This weeks holler goes out to Teaching Happy Hearts! Victoria has been a teacher for 24 years! To say that we have been stalking blogs to look at the design of teachers classrooms is an understatement!! We have been looking for a way to bring some bright colors into our room.  We loved Victoria's bright colors and that tent!! TOO CUTE!!! The seat sacks also added a punch of color throughout the room. When Victoria isn't busy in her room, she is busy presenting! Be sure to check out her blog!!

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