Thursday, April 13, 2017

Two Hoots and a Holler

Hoot #1

We have been all about chicks! 
I hope you are prepared to get an update each week!
Today, we are on day 10. 
This is the calendar that we use for our chicken countdown. Each day we flip the appropriate card over to reveal what the chick looks like inside of the egg.  There is also a description of what is going on inside the egg.  The eggs on the back of the numbers were found on TpT.  Today our chick started forming the hardening of its beak.
Today we also candled the eggs. Candling is putting a light up to the egg. This allow you to look inside of the egg to see if it developing.

As you can see, the students loved doing this! Each egg is numbered. As the group of students candle the egg, they will discuss and make their prediction whether a chick will hatch from that specific egg or not. We are using a recording sheet with eggs numbered 1-24 to record their predictions. The class records their predictions by coloring the egg green if they think it will hatch or coloring it red if they think that it will not hatch.  Once they hatch, we will check to see if their predictions were right. 

Hoot #2

The students had so much fun with this project! We watched a short video that explained the meaning of oviparous. In this video, the students created their animals out of construction paper. After the video we discussed their favorite oviparous animals. They were given their choice of construction paper and asked to create it.  I think they did an awesome job! Finally, they glued them to the back of the egg and fastened the two parts with a brad. Now they can open their egg to reveal their animal to the class.

This Week's Holler...

This weeks holler goes our to Aly at Just A Primary Girl! Have you seen her blog?!? As I was scrolling through Facebook, I came across one of her posts! Y'all, it is wonderful!
I watched a video on her guided reading groups.  She is so organized! One thing that really caught my eye was her magnet return trays that she uses throughout her day! She sells them in her TPT store! Check her out!!

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