Thursday, August 10, 2017

Two Hoots and A Holler

We hope everyone had a blast during their summer break! 
We did a lot of relaxing and a little traveling.
We have started our year with 20 new Jitterbugs and Rockstars! We can't wait to see how these students grow. 
We are definitely raising the bar this year!!

Hoot #1

As many of you know, Jodi and I went to the Ron Clark Academy last school year. We took sooooo many things away from that. One of the things that you couldn't help but notice was that teachers did not have any of their student's work hanging in the hall. RCA had pictures of their students hanging instead. We fell in love with this idea! We started this, on a small scale, last year. This year we decided to go all out! We did not have the money for actual frames, so we made our own! I think that they turned out great! Throughout the year we will add more and more pictures of our students until it is full!
We also decorated our doors, and it will last ALL YEAR! No more wasting time throughout the day trying to design a door, just to pull it down in a few weeks! These doors were created with vinyl. It is hard to tell in the picture, but every single letter, polka dot, and star is made of GLITTER vinyl. We absolutely love how they turned out. A big Thanks goes out to Shauna Gardner for lending us her time and machine to create our doors!!

Hoot #2
We wanted to create something special when the students arrived for open house. We wanted our parents to feel welcomed and loved in their child's new elementary family. We created two areas in the hallway that they would walk under as they found their classroom.

 We are the Walls Elementary Gators, so it was only fitting that a Gator was there to greet them.
 This one is our favorite and probably the easiest!
We are so excited to start this school year. There are so many new things that we are going to try.
Here we go...........
Welcome class of 2030!!!!!!

This Week's Holler... 
This week's holler goes out to Leslie at Kindergarten Works.  She has some wonderful ideas on her blog about the first week of kindergarten.  We love her idea of her lesson plan bracelet to help keep her on track and remind her of things that must be done.  We are so busy this time of year, and this bracelet would definitely work for us!  She has TONS of helpful information (like activities for kids, bootcamp, free printables, etc.) to help teachers survive that busy, hectic first week of kindergarten.  Go check her out!

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