Thursday, February 12, 2015

DeSoto County Teacher of the Year!

Hey Kinder Krazies!  I know it has been a while since our last post,but I have been so busy that I do not know if I am coming or going.  In December, I was named Teacher of the Year for our school, Walls Elementary.  Then on January 15th, I received a phone call that I was named Teacher of the Year for DeSoto County Schools!! What an honor!!   I have been so humbled by the out pouring of support and love that I have received from my district.  I wanted to share some of the pics that have been taken over the past couple of weeks.  A big THANKS goes out to my right hand Glitter Girl, Jodi.  I could not have done it without her!! I love everyone of the staff members of DeSoto County Schools.  We strive to make this world a better place, one child at a time.

This is a cake that one of my parents made me! When I opened the box, I just cried!  I don't think I have ever had a parent do something so nice for me.  It was delicious!
This is the beautiful spread that all of my Kinder Glitter Girls made for me for lunch.  The food was wonderful.  Of course, we had southern fried chicken!!
My girls crowned me for the day in the cafeteria in front of all of our students.  They know how I love my bling!

My husband, Brad.  I was so nervous that I forgot to mention him in my speech!  I made it up to him by making sure he was the first picture that I took.  He has always been a big supporter of my career.  Now, if we can only get him to smile in pics:)
My son, Braden, couldn't wait to hold my award.  My other son, Will is in the blue.  The rest of the gang is my nieces and and nephew, Alicyn, Robyn and Brolin.  I am so thankful that I can be a part of their lives.  So blessed!
This is my brother Rob.  I am 5 years older than him.  I love him so much!  I can always make him laugh.

                                                   This is my beautiful grandmother, Betty Mason Blythe.  She will turn 90 next week.  She has been such an inspiration to me that I made sure to name my first child after her.
My beautiful daughter, Mason.  I can't wait to see how this girl is going to change the world!
My parents, Randy and Alice Denton.  I am so proud of them for raising me to be the person that I am.  They have been commited to each other, our family and our community for nearly 40 years.  They have worked hard to make me the Glitter Girl that I am and I couldn't be prouder to belong to them!
Of course, I couldn't do any of this without my main Glitter Girl, Jodi!!! She is my "go to" girl.  I never want to imagine life without her!
One of my kinder teacher, Danielle Abner.  This is her second year to teach.  She has grown so much.  I am so proud of her and glad she came to share in my day.
My cake that was made for the awards ceremony.
Being presented my award by our Superintendent Milton Kuykendall.
My principal, Becky Kelley.  I have worked with her for 15 years.  She has been such a wonderful inspiration to my educational career.
Two of my Jitterbugs that made it for the celebration! I would like to say that they came just for me, but their mother was getting an award.  What a wonderful day!
My wonderful friend of 15 years, Lisa Robertson!!!! Love you

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