Thursday, April 2, 2015

Two Hoots and A Holler!

Hoot #1
Our first hoot deserves a big ole HOOT! HOOT!  We just recently learned that the 6 snow days we had this year were forgiven for the students!  That means students will not have to make up the days we missed due to snow.  AHHHHHH! Just think of all the possibilities . . .no more Saturday School, two days off for Easter, and no school after Memorial Day.  This was great news for everyone!  Now we will wait to see if they are forgiven for teachers as well!
Hoot #2
This week is bittersweet for us.  We began our 4th Nine Weeks of the year.  This means we are almost at the end of the year!  YIKES!!  The end of the year is a mixture of emotions for us.   It means a lot of craziness to get things done before the year is up; it means tears because our time is almost up with our kiddos; it means tears of joy because our kiddos will finally get to show how much they have grown this year;  it means joy because summer is drawing near for us to get some much needed time off.  

This Week’s Holler
This week’s holler goes out to Emily Peden! After our post about field trip to the Orpheum, we learned that this awesome teacher is just a 30 minute drive from us!! Emily teaches in Memphis at an inner city school.  A majority of her students are African refugees.  How awesome is that! Since Emily is the only kindergarten class at her school, she began blogging to form her personal support group.  Kinder Glitter Girls loves Emily’s latest post on the book talk that she is currently doing, Worksheets Don’t Grow Dendrites.  We have also been reading the same book and have really enjoyed it. Check out her blog and see all the ways that she is using manipulatives in her class! We can’t to meet up with Emily!
A Neighborhood K

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