Thursday, April 9, 2015

Two Hoots and A Holler!

Ok, so we are plastic bin addicts!  We get super excited over cute little plastic bins.  We purchase them all the time, not even knowing what we are going to use them for, but we get them just because they are so irresistible I’m sure most of you can relate to us on that.  We found these plastic bins at Dollar General, and they are PERFECT for holding different writing tools at the writing center and word work center.  Not only are they perfect, they are really cute!! 

We found these at Dollar Tree, they are soap holders. They come two to a packWe use these to hold decks of cards for students to use in math tubs.  We also thought these could be used for a miniature version of the glue sponges that The Kindergarten Smorgasboard uses in his classroom.   

Hoot #2
This week is the induction of students into the Beta Club.  At our school this is a group of 4th and 5th grade students who have maintained a B average or higher in all subject areas.  These students have participated in service projects.  They have exhibited leadership through these projects and outstanding behavior. These are our Jitterbugs and Rock Stars that were a part of our kindergarten class! We are true believers that we do not just teach children for one year and then we are done.  We want to be there to see them achieve their goals throughout their entire life! We can't wait to see how these young minds are going to change the world for the better!

This Week’s Holler
This week’s holler Brandy Withers from Firstie Kidoodles. We met her at the Spring Teacher Blogger Meetup this year. She has some cute dogs and a beautiful family. Kinder Glitter Girls really likes her "Ordinal Numbers with Blind Mice".  It incorporates reading and math activities and it's FREE!! She has a ton of resources for primary teachers on her blog and her TPT store.  Head over and check her out!


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