Thursday, May 28, 2015

Two Hoots and A Holler: End of the Year Program and Summer Break

Hoot #1
We had our end of the year program! What a bittersweet day this was!  We started by providing all parents a chance to sit and have breakfast with their child while looking through a portfolio that was filled with work samples, pictures, writing, and LOTS of memories.  And did I mention that our PTA provided breakfast for all 6 kindergarten classes!?! 
They are awesome!!
Here is a pic of our portfolio boxes.  These 5 gallon containers are the perfect size to carry all of the memories that we had saved throughout the year.  We decorated the boxes with a Cricut machine, and organized the work inside by each 9 weeks.   
After breakfast, we all gathered in the gym for our Kindergarten Program and Graduation! We were ready to party!!
I think Jamie was as pumped as the kids!

Our kids did a great job singing their songs!

Every child was called by name to receive their hug from our principal and their diploma!
When  all the students' names were called, the students sat to watch a slide show with pictures of our year in kindergarten together.  On the last verse of "Roar" by Katy Perry, the students jump up to sing and dance!  This really gets the parents and teachers up and moving!
Ms. Jamie couldn't contain herself! She had to dance once last dance with her Jitterbugs!
What great memories were made that day!
Hate to see them leave, but LOVE to see them SOAR!

Hoot #2
Need we say anymore?!?!
 We will not be setting our alarm clocks tomorrow! Now to catch up on all the stuff we put on the back burner this year at home and school, and we must begin our plan for next year!  Then we must prepare materials, organize rooms, laminate new things, cut out all the new laminated things, go to conferences...the list goes on and on for the summer!  Maybe we do need to set that alarm clock to get everything done!
 A teacher's job is TRULY NEVER DONE!!

This Week's Holler...
Our holler this week goes out to Megan Wheeler at  We had the honor of meeting this awesome girl at the Spring Blogger Meet Up.  She is so down to earth and friendly. We quickly checked out her blog when we got home, and you should too! Megan teaches first grade and you can definitely tell that she puts her heart and soul into it!  Right now, we are loving her guided reading pack! It covers Kinder thru Second grade! She had a million more activities and ideas on her blog along with great pictures! Check her out!!

Mrs Wheelers First Grade

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