Thursday, May 14, 2015

Two Hoots and A Holler

Hoot #1
Last week we were spoiled by our school's PTA.  They had lunch prepared for us every day (YES! ALL 5 DAYS!), and they had breakfast prepared 2 mornings.  It was so nice to have lunch brought into us, and the food was SO GOOD!  We are so blessed to have a PTA that truly cares for its teachers.  On Friday, they surprised us with tote bags, sports bottles, and a Cracker Barrel gift card!!  Thank you to all of the parents who volunteered their time to support the teachers at Walls! 

Hoot #2
Last week, I shared with you about the journals that my students created with Art To Grow On,LLC.  I promised to show you what we did with these books.  Here it is!! 

Each year we create portfolio boxes for our students (we will tell more about that in next weeks Hoot).  We made these journals into our memory books that will be placed in the portfolio box.  I am so excited about the way that they turned out.  Each child created their own cover and wrote about their favorite memory related to that picture.  Each child had about 13 pictures.

 "I liked the train ride the best."
" I like to work. I love being a Jitterbug."
"I like riding the camel."

The last page in their memory book is a picture of me and my wonderful assistant, Amy Willoughby.  I couldn't do half the things I do without this lady!  I couldn't describe how special she is.  During the school year, I refer to her as my other spouse (we are literally together more than we are with our husbands)!  We are truly live, love and laugh our way through the day!

This Weeks Holler . . .

This weeks holler goes out Brittany Banister! This girl has got it going on! 
She has not only one blog...BUT TWO!!!!
When you visit Brittany at, you will see her classroom blog.  This is such a great blog.  We are really loving her baseball theme activities that she did this past week! She has incorporated it into every aspect of their learning!  It is too cute! You have to check it out!

Mrs. Banister's Kindergarten Kids
Her second blog is co-written with Tiffany Copple. This blog is all about technology.  We are loving their blog post "Facilitating Creativity: Relinquishing Control." If you want to learn how to expose your children to more technology, look no further than

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