Thursday, April 28, 2016

Two Hoots and A Holler: Kindergarten Memories

Hoot #1
We recently participated in a Box Tops competition at our school.  The grade with the most Box Tops won a pizza party for the students, and the teachers got to have lunch off campus at a restaurant of our choice!  Guess who won?!?!  Kindergarten!! We were so excited because we worked hard to cut box tops out at home, tape them to the paper, and check expiration dates.  Our kiddos rocked it too, some brought them in by the hundreds!  Our students got to enjoy their pizza party at our last field trip to the park.  We got to eat our lunch at Texas Roadhouse!  We don't ever get a duty free lunch that involves a spill or two or eating an entire lunch in 10 was VERY nice to enjoy this lunch with the amazing people we work with!  Just look at these happy faces...

Hoot #2
We just went on our final field trip for the year!  We went to see "Seussical." We cannot believe how fast this year has flown by!  This is the time of year when you are collecting memories and pictures to share with your class, and you can't help but to get all sentimental!  It's so sad to see them go so soon, but it's also amazing to see the person they have grown to be!  

Desoto Family Theater Kids did an OUTSTANDING JOB!! The kids in the play were absolutely AMAZING!

This Week's Holler...
This week's holler goes out to Kristen at Happy Days in Fourth Grade. As you know the testing season is among us! Kristen has posted some cute ideas to get rid of those testing blues!  These treats are sure make your students smile!! Her TPT store is also amazing! Thank you Kristen for all that you do!!   
Happy Days in Fourth Grade

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