Thursday, May 5, 2016

Two Hoots and A Holler: Thank you, teachers!

Hoot #1
This week was Teacher Appreciation Week!! This was the week that teachers all over the nation are shown how much they are appreciated.  We just want to say THANK YOU to all of the teachers out there who dedicate their time to teaching our future leaders.  THANK YOU to all of the teachers who have impacted our lives by supporting us, encouraging us, and guiding us. 
We feel so blessed and appreciated by our students and their families! We have gotten some wonderful goodies, lots of hugs, and TONS of sweet pictures and letters from current and former students!
 How unique! Check out the planters box that I was given
 There should always be love and sunshine in Kindergarten!!

 Flowers are wonderful, and I just love the bottle:) 

 A bag full of goodies from a sweet girl!  Chocolate is always good for teachers this time of the year!

And once again our PTA and parent volunteers out did themselves for all of the staff at our school!  They provided us with a wonderful lunch on Tuesday and Thursday this week.  Everything was wonderful, and we can't express how grateful we are to be a part of this wonderful family at WES! 
Hoot #2
We received another gift this week from our students.  It has a funny story behind it!  We are so impressed by all the sneaking around by teachers and students at our school, that it deserves its own hoot!   Jodi  and I came to school at the beginning of the week missing our cabinet doors!!
You can only imagine why we were puzzled about this!! Our classes are getting totally remodeled over the summer.  We were told by our principal that the "remodel people" needed our cabinet doors to take measurements.  Now of course, we had questions about that and we wanted our things that were hanging on the cabinet door back...but when your classroom is getting a complete remodel, you just don't question it, and go with the flow! Little did we know that two of our upper grade teachers, who are also parents in our classroom, were up to something! They needed us to leave our class to get the surprise complete, so our principal and testing coordinator arranged for us to have to "emergency" proctor for state testing one morning at the last minute...yes, we thought it was strange, but stranger things have happened!  And when it comes to end of the year testing, once again you don't question it, you just go with the flow!  While we are proctoring,  Mrs. Gardner and Mrs. England got our assistants involved in the plan to surprise us.  They prepared our special treat with our little ones while we were out! And here it is....
I mean can you believe that we had NO clue about this!?!  Never did we imagine that our students were up to this!  And can you believe that not one kindergartener or teacher that was in on this secret told or let it slip?!?! 
Since we have been teaching next door to one another for 14 years, we have never had our rooms remodeled!  So Mrs. Gardner and Mrs. England came up with the most creative gift ever! 
The idea is that we would be able to take something from our old classroom and bring it into our new one in August!! Is that a unique gift or what?!? These cabinet doors will be one of the first things that we hang when we return! We want to thank our class for the wonderful gift! We would also like to thank Mrs. Gardner, Brylee, Mrs. England, and Carson for coming up with such a cool idea and sneaky little plan!  WE LOVE THEM!

This Week's Holler...
This week's holler goes out to Ashley at Teaching in the Net. We absolutely love that she is from Mississippi, just like us!!! We also love that she works with students with learning differences.  Ashley loves to incorporate technology into all of her lessons.  Right now, she is celebrating teacher appreciation week and the Kentucky Derby by placing her Kentucky Scavenger Hunt FREE in her TPT store! Be sure to stop by her blog and check out everything that Ashley is doing!!
Teaching In The Net

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