Thursday, July 30, 2015

Two Hoots & A Holler: Reaching out and Helping Others

Hoot #1 & #2
This story is so HUGE!  It exceeded any and all expectations we had.  This one story deserves BOTH HOOTS THIS WEEK! 
This is a great story of teachers selflessly helping other teachers... 
Earlier this month, Batesville Elementary School, in Batesville, Mississippi, caught on fire. The fire destroyed 17 kindergarten classrooms.  When I heard this news,  I was on my was to Florida.  Before I knew it, I was busy sending emails and coordinating drop off points, and Jodi was creating the flyer.  We were not alone in this at all. Missy Howard and Amy Cobb spread the word on Facebook.  The four of us created 5 drop of locations throughout DeSoto County.  We collected items for two weeks. The response was overwhelming!  Teachers from all over the county were donating supplies...even had some clean out storage units to donate! The DeSoto County Sheriff's Department offered to pick everything up and take it to Batesville! This was truly a community effort! We are so proud to have been a part of it.  

Here is the flyer that was sent throughout all of DeSoto County.

Jodi and I with Missy Howard as we loaded the items at one of the locations.

All packed and ready to make the delivery!!
I mean Desoto County's Sheriff's Department really deserves a HOOT all to itself!  They truly rescued the day by lending some helping hands!  Thank you Brad Branning for helping coordinate this for us!  Thanks to Sheriff Rasco for donating the time, truck, trailer, and helping hands to load and unload materials.
Saying "thank you" can't express the gratitude we have for the Sheriff's Department!    

Here is a picture of some of the teachers of Batesville, Sheriff Rasco, and others that helped
 unload our truck and trailer.

The BES PTO has set up a hub for all donations.  It is an old store that was not being used.  We were able to practically fill three rooms in their hub!

This is Ashley. She is the BES PTO person that created a hub for items to be donated.

 The donation drive even made the local news!  

Keep in mind, the heat index that day was in the 100's, so we do not look our best! We were BURNING UP, but for a GREAT cause!
We had no idea the news would be there, much less video taping us!

Click below to see Jamie Branning in her Oscar Winning Performance!
My Fox Memphis: Supplies Arrive for Batesville Elementary

Jodi's debut was not as graceful...she almost ran over the news man with her wagon, and she had NO IDEA he was recording LIVE!!!
My Fox Memphis:  Supplies Arrive for Batesville Elementary



This Week's Holler...
This weeks holler goes out to Brittany Lynch at Tickled Pink in Primary.  We love Brittany's new literacy bundle that she is currently promoting!  We also love that she is extremely organized (something we struggle with on a daily basis). We are sure that this kinder teacher has something to fit your need.  Heck, we even found a few things that we didn't know we needed! lol
Check her out!  

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