Thursday, August 13, 2015

Two Hoots and A Holler:

Hoot #1
We were so excited when we heard that A+ Images will make blogger shirts!  We couldn't wait to order them!  We have heard of A+ Images before, and we even have purchased shirts from them in the past at conferences.  We uploaded our logo on the online design tool, and within minutes our shirts were ordered.  It was so easy!  In no time, our shirts were delivered right to our door, and we couldn't wait to wear them! School had not started yet, so we had to wait patiently to show off our new shirts (that was the hard part)!  We showed up on the first day of school sporting our new shirts, and had so many compliments on them.  A+ Images, Kinder Glitter Girls want to give you our first hoot this week and say THANK YOU!  YOU ROCK! 

We had to get a Kinder Glitter Girls shirt for our good friend and coworker that helped us out TREMENDOUSLY when we presented at our first conference this summer. 

Hoot #2 
This year started off with a lot of sweat, hard work and tears!  Our kindergarten team definitely deserves a HOOT!  Our kindergarten team hit the ground running as soon as the school door opened!  We are a great, hard working team!  These girls are like our family.  We have taught together for years!  We love one another, vent to one another, are there for each other, take up for each other, and laugh together just like sisters.  When kindergarten teachers are walking down the hall together, everyone thinks "Uh-oh, here comes trouble!"  We are known for our goofy side because no matter how stressful things get, we never forget to have fun and laugh. We were so excited to start the year off with 7 kindergarten units (one more than we had last year).  Unfortunately, we didn't have enough students to keep all 7.  We ended up losing one of our team mates.  She didn't go quietly though, there were lots of crying and begging her not to go to third grade.  She has begun to make the transition to third grade, and we know she will do great!  Even though we have the utmost faith in her, it still doesn't make our loss any easier! We have faith that she will be back with her school family next year in kindergarten. So, to our kindergarten sisters, we think you ROCK and we thank you for your dedication and hard work!  We couldn't do it without you!   
Peggy, Jamie, Brittany, Jodi, and Nikki  We can't thank these girls enough for all that they do! 
Kindergarten having a blast on field day!

Brittany, Jodi, Nikki, and Jamie enjoying Freemont Street while in Las Vegas for the SDE I Teach K! conference

One of our newest members, Danielle, who helped us out at our conference this summer. She is the ultimate and only Glitter Girl Groupie!  hahaha  Thanks for being so supportive Danielle!
We can't forget Hannah, who is new to kindergarten this year.  We don't have any pictures with her yet, but you are part of this family too!  

This Week's Holler...
This weeks holler goes out to Lindsey Law at Miss Law's Kinders!  This teacher has tons on her blog! We love her motivational posters!  She has great tips on organization.  She also recently got married! Congratulations from Kinder Glitter Girls!!

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