Thursday, August 27, 2015

Two Hoots and A Holler: We're putting the FUN back into Kindergarten!

Hoot #1
This week we continued to reinforce routine.  We also brought a few new things out for the students to use during center/workstation time.  One of the items were the Nabi Juniors.  These are great for early finishers. We are able to lock the screen to only the apps that we want the students to focus on.  It instantly becomes a workstation!! The students LOVE them, and they did great! They are learning through the games they are playing AND having fun while doing it...What more could a teacher ask for?!?! These cost about $99, and worth every penny.  It would be a great item for you to put on Donor Choose!
 ... Nickelodeon-Themed Nabi Jr. Tablets Pre-Loaded with Nick Content
Hoot #2
Usually we have building blocks as a "Fun Friday" activity or use them as a reward.  This year, we decided our students need to have fun things to do to learn through play.  Blocks are available to all students during center time/workstations.  This week I overheard students talking while building with the blocks.  Six students had come together and decided on jobs for each person.  There were two students building the buildings for their city with blocks, two were building cars out of Legos to drive around the city, and the other two were using blocks to build roads to follow through the city.  What is the amazing part you ask??  THEY DID THIS ALL ON THEIR OWN WITHOUT BEING TOLD!! So many  skills (speaking, listening, problem solving, social skills, etc.) were being used through their interactions that it was UNBELIEVABLE! They were sharing and getting along while using their imaginations to create their city.  I just sat back in awe grinning because THIS is what IT IS ALL ABOUT!   So  if you don't have any time for your students during the day to use their imagination and play...YOU SHOULD!  You will be amazed at what they can do! Remember, they are 5 and 6 years old, and this is what they NEED!
Part of the city being built. 

The "car mechanic" showing his work.

This Week's Holler...
This weeks holler goes out to Crystal Radke at Kreative in Kinder.  We met Crystal at the French Lick Spring bloggers meetup.  We went to her group and heard her wonderful story of going to the Ron Clark Academy.  It is definitely on our bucket list! We have been in school three weeks and we can tell you, when we went to Crystal's blog, it totally spoke to us.  Last year she created a linky called Dear Future Me.  It is a must read! We are so glad we are not alone on this journey!

Kreative in Kinder

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