Thursday, September 3, 2015

Two Hoots and A Holler: Gg is for. . .

Hoot #1
Last week we learning all about the letter G.  Since our school mascot is the "Gator." We asked all of our kinders to show their Gator Pride by wearing green.
Check out this Jitterbug showing her Gator Pride!

The students also got to chew gum in class!! That's right! We decided to see how many kiddos could blow a bubble. Later we graphed the results.  I would call it a successful day! No one blew their gum across the room when they tried to blow their bubble!!
Are those not the cutest kids trying to blow a bubble?!?!

Hoot #2
Do you know what else starts with Gg?  GO NOODLE! GoNoodle is used all the time in our rooms!  We start our year off introducing our classes to GoNoodle.  We love it, our kids love it...I mean what is there not to love about GoNoodle?!?! It gives our students a fun brain break when they become restless or need to reboost.  It is also great for those rainy or cold days that we can't go outside for recess.  The students are always asking for more GoNoodle!  We just can't get enough!  Our students LOVE the Koo Koo Kanga Roo videos.  They literally beg us to do Pop Se Ko or Wiggle it!  Those seem to be their favorites this year.  We absolutely cannot wait to introduce more and more videos from GoNoodle to our kids to keep them movin' and learnin'! We have seen first hand at how supportive GoNoodle is of teachers across the nation.  They have helped sponsor both of the blogger meet ups we have been to.  And let us just say, they went above and beyond our expectations to make our meet ups the best!  GoNoodle deserves a BIG HOOT from Kinder Glitter Girls!  Thanks GoNoodle for ALL that you do to help support teachers and our classrooms!  

Dancing to Pop Se Ko.  Our hands are high! 

This is how we Pop Se Ko!!

 Wiggle it, wiggle it!  Come on! Come on! 

Students are wiggling it really high!

This Week's Holler...
 This weeks holler goes out to Brittany Brune at Nifty in First Grade. Brittany is a first grade teacher in Indiana.  We were given the privilege to meet Brittany at the French Lick Spring Blogger Meet-up.  She is a ball of energy! She helped set up this wonderful event!  And can we say, she has the cutest baby ever!!
We love Brittany's Back To School Survey for her parents!  It is too cute and FREE! Check her out!

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