Thursday, September 10, 2015

Two Hoots and a Holler: Hula Dancing Hippos and Teddy Bears Too

Hoot #1

Last Friday, our students had a blast celebrating the letter "H".  I think we had as much fun as the kiddos!  Here is just a glimpse of some of the things that we did for Fun Friday.
We made horses out of the letter "h". Of course, we could not celebrate the letter "H" without hats!! Each child was asked to wear their favorite hat from home to school.

We also learned all about Hawaii!  The students made Leis by making a pattern using jumbo straws and paper flowers.
Of course, the girls wanted to use the pink straws to make their patterned lei.
In the above and below picture, students are making honeycombs using hexagons.  The different variations of their honeycombs were amazing.  No two looked alike!

These kiddos loved getting messy to make their hand prints on the letter "Hh". Yarel laughed the whole time that she was at this station.

A day celebrating "H" wouldn't be complete with out hippo hats and learning to hula dance!! Finally, at the end of the day,  we put on our grass skirts and hula danced our way home!

Hoot #2

Today we had our Teddy Bear Picnic!  We were so busy graphing teddy bears and writing about teddy bears, that I totally forgot to pull out my camera! So here are the few photos that I have, but these are the moments that made me proud the most.  We have been learning all about the zoo.  We are actually going on our first field trip tomorrow to the Memphis Zoo. We have been working on this book about the zoo in class.  So who better to listen to them read, but their teddy bears! 
Is this not the sweetest thing ever?!?!?! 
And check out our newest Jitterbug, Laura! She found her own comfy spot and couldn't wait to share the book with her teddy bear! Yep! It was a great moment for me to know that in just 5 weeks of school, they were confident and were eager to share what they have learned!

This Week's Holler...
This week's holler goes out to Casey Jane Cooper at Wiggling Scholars. She has tons of neat tips and ideas on her blog!  Jodi loves the blog post about the glasses. We didn't know the numbers on the side meant anything?!?! But if you go to Wiggling Scholars, you can find out all about it.  After reading Casey Jane's post about the book Unbreakable, by Angela Watson, we definitely want to check it out!  Maybe even do a book study with our kinder group! I mean who wouldn't want 20 more ways to enjoy teaching?!?!  Be sure to stop by Wiggling Scholars and give Casey Jane a comment or two!


  1. I am honored! Thank you for saying such lovely things! You are too kind.
    Just love your idea to read to a teddy bear! Once we get past this little bit of *lice* in my classroom (yikes!), I'll be sure to have a teddy-read-in!

  2. Oh no! Hope it clears soon! It was a joy reading your blog posts. Many, I know, I will revisit soon!