Thursday, September 24, 2015

Two Hoots and a Holler: Kindergarten Rocks!

Hoot #1
 After a visit to Mr. Greg's classroom (The Kindergarten Smorgasboard) last year, we changed the way we do our centers/workstations.  We began them mid-year last year, so this is our first year to try out this technique from the beginning of the year!  We absolutely love them!  Things are easier, and there is less prep work.  We aren't constantly changing things out and trying to fit things into a week.  It has truly made our life so much easier!  The students are more engaged and actually BEG to do their center tubs!  Seriously, they cannot wait to do them! Thank you Mr. Greg for being so willing to help others and inspiring other teachers! 

Here are just a few of our centers/workstations in action in our classroom....
Sorting letters by their shape:  curved lines, straight lines, both
Putting letters in order from A to Z
Using Play-Do to make sets on a ten frame  (These ten frames came from The Kindergarten Smorgasboard)

 Hoot #2
Our Farm unit has begun!  It has honestly been probably  5 years since we have done a farm unit!  We cut it out because we felt like we were too rushed to get everything else in, and we weren't spending enough time teaching about the farm.  Well this year, we decided to bring the farm back!  It was always one of our favorite units to do!  At the end of our unit, we are having a farm breakfast where we will actually cook eggs, bacon, and pancakes with our students.  They will make their own butter and have chocolate milk to go with the food!  As we talk about a farm animal and learn facts, we add a page to our farm book.  The students below are making the cover to their books and the cow page.  They are so excited to be authors and illustrators!

This Week's Holler...
If you haven't heard of the Glyph Girls, you should definitely stop by their blog to check them out!  Angela and Kelley were at the Nashville Teacher Blogger Meetup, and when they introduced themselves we both looked at each other like we were just star struck!  We LOVE the Glyph Girls!  They have a teacher feature where they show different classrooms and their decor.  The classrooms they feature are SO stinkin' cute!  They even have a blog about how to "Rock Your Classroom Like A Glyph Girl"!  Their products are A-DOR-ABLE!  If you haven't ever noticed, Kinder Glitter Girls LOVE doing glyphs with our class!  When we grow up, we wanna be a Glyph Girl!   
Keep on glyphin' and rockin' girls!  

Glyph Girls

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