Thursday, October 15, 2015

Two Hoots and a Holler: Farm and Fun!

Hoot #1
Last week was the end of our farm unit.  We LOVE the farm unit, and we were so happy to have brought it back into action after it went MIA for the past 3 years.  We forgot how fun learning about farm animals can be!  We ended our unit with a farm breakfast where the kids got to help us cook scrambled eggs and pancakes.  The kids also got to make their own butter and chocolate milk.  We had bacon too, because what breakfast is complete without bacon, right??  I think the kids enjoyed eating it as much as they enjoyed making it!  Here are some highlights from our farm breakfast...

Here the kids are listening and watching how to crack and scramble an egg!  Each kid got to crack 2 eggs and scramble them.  Jamie brought her own style to the breakfast by singing the directions to them..."Watch me tap, watch me crack, crack!"  haha
Who knew cracking eggs could be so much fun?
It was so cool! Some of them said my mom would never let me do this!  haha

Some really took the cracking it open part serious...didn't want to get the shell in the bowl!  
 They are mixing up the pancake batter in this picture. 
 Getting all of those lumps out is hard work!
They discovered that shaking and making butter is the hardest work of all!  They kept asking us, are we done yet? 
Hoot #2
This week I, Jodi, have had to fly solo because my partner in crime up and left Mississippi for a week!  Well, it is almost Friday, and I  managed to survive!  Of course all week long while I have been at school teaching, attending meetings, planning, AND working after school and before school, Jamie has been sending pictures left and right of her having a blast at Disney World! Yes, I am a little jealous....OK A LOT jealous! haha  All joking aside I am so glad Jamie got to have this get away with her family...she really deserved it and NEEDED it! Everybody needs to get away and have some fun at some point or another!   
Jamie representing Mississippi in her "Hey Ya'll" shirt while posing with Mickey and Minnie! She looks so happy!
 And of course she didn't let her glitter girls down by getting some sparkly Minnie ears!  They look great! 
Queen Jamie attended the Not So Scary Halloween Party 
at Magic Kingdom.  

Safe travels back Jamie!  
Can't wait to hear all about your adventures! 

This Week's Holler...
This week's holler goes out to Fran Kramer over at Kindergarten Crayons!  We have never had the chance to meet this wonderful, creative woman, but her blog is one of the firsts that introduced us into the blogging world!  Her blog has always been a go to when we needed an idea!  Her products on TPT are AWESOME, too!  Her most recent post on how to help kinders in the computer lab has some of the best ideas ever!  We are going to definitely use these ideas during our computer times!  Stop by her blog by clicking the button below to check her out!  
Kindergarten Crayons

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