Thursday, October 22, 2015

Two Hoots & A Holler: What fun we have had!

Hoot #1
Well, it's back to reality for me! I know Jodi hooted about this last week, but I thought that it deserved a second one! I mean, it's not everyday a girl gets to go to the happiest place on Earth!  I was able to spent the week with my entire family (my parents, my brother and his family, and my immediate family) at Disneyworld!! All 13 of us piled in two cars and made the long drive.

A big thanks goes out to my mom and dad (to the right side of me) for planning this whole trip and making it happen!

Of course I could not leave without stopping at Seuss Landing!!!

We were even able to trick-or-treat while we were there!  Even the adults were encouraged to trick-or-treat! So we could not show up with out dressing up!
It was a lot of fun and very little sleep! Even with all of that fun, I still missed my Jitterbugs. I called them a couple of times and sent them pictures.  Of course, Mickey sent all of them special treats for being so well behaved while I was gone!

Hoot #2 
We absolutely love that we both have a classroom full of students who LOVE to learn!  Our students are so excited to do activities in class.  When they know its "center time"  they actually cheer and get excited!  Here are a couple of activities that our students have enjoyed doing so far this year (that we haven't already blogged about). . .

 The shape man is finally up!  Students loved sorting 2D and 3D shapes and piecing him together.  Students counted how many of each shape we used and helped to write the number on the labels.  We still aren't through with him!  Next, we will label our shape man using interactive writing!  Students are going to help write sentences using sight words and shape words to label him!  They LOVE seeing their work hanging in the room! 

 OH! How we have worked so hard to learn to draw a person!  We have practiced and practiced drawing people because we don't have arms and legs coming out of our heads, for goodness sakes!  Look at the beautiful work they did when drawing themselves!  We were very proud of their artwork and the details they added so early on in the year! 
Students then clapped and counted how many syllables their name has and placed that many claps on their paper.

This Week's Holler...

This weeks holler goes out to Allison Stuckey at "Stuckey
In Second." She is a second grade teacher from Indiana.  She has tons of units on her blog. We loved her "Back To School Book Favorites."  Allison has reached 2 milestones with TPT! What a great accomplishment!  That is definitely something that Jodi and I have on our bucket list. We know we still have a bit to go, but sure dream of that day, and we look up to those who have accomplished those goals! Thanks for all you do!

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