Thursday, October 1, 2015

Two Hoots and A Holler: We Love Our Tribe

Hoot #1
Last week, we really focused on the letter P and who better to celebrate P with than Pete the Cat!! Jodi's Rockstars loved making their Pete the Cat Glyphs inspired by Deanna Jump's Colorful Cats Unit on TPT. 

But one would have to ask if Jodi enjoyed it as much!?! haha!! No, she is just mad at Jamie for taking a pic with her in it while she was in her pajamas and pigtails!
You can also see the pirate hat that the students made as we celebrated the letter P.

While the Rockstars were busy with Pete, the Jitterbugs were busy making pizza. This was not just any pizza, this was a shape pizza! These kiddos loaded on the toppings and then counted "how many" of each shape that they used! When they finished making their shape pizza, they dined on all things that begin with the letter P (pizza, popcorn, purple juice, pretzels...the list goes on and on)!

Hoot #2
This next hoot is one of my favorites!
Yep, that us, but check out our shirts!! I recently saw these shirts on two of our friends, Dana at Common to the Core and Greg at The Kindergarten Smorgasboard, and I had to have them! This shirt speaks volumes!!!!!  I knew just who to go to....Dana!!! That's right! Dana also makes shirts! So I contacted her and before you know it, I was surprising Jodi with a shirt too! We loved them! I can't wait to see her next creation that I just ordered! You can check her out on Instagram or Facebook at Vinyl by Dana! She has a great selection and is swift to deliver.

This week's holler...
This weeks holler goes out to Breanna at A Pinch of Primary! This girl has moved from 5th grade to Kindergarten! What a jump!! From the looks of it, she is doing a great job! We love some of the ideas that she used in her open house.  We are definitely going to steal of few of her ideas! She has been blogging since she was in college! We can honestly say, blogging was probably the last thing that we were thinking about when we were in college! Haha! What dedication! Check out her pics and her new blog design!

A Pinch of Primary

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