Thursday, May 12, 2016

Two Hoots and A Holler: End of the Year Fun!

Hoot #1
It is getting real folks! We couldn't be more excited to be getting our entire classrooms remodeled! We have to have everything packed and out of our rooms by the last day! The boxes are starting to pile and the purging has begun!  Packing normally isn't this exciting or fun...but when you know you will walk into a brand new classroom in August, it motivates you to want to pack.  The best part is, it gives us the chance to really go through some things that have been in our rooms for years and organize them or get rid of them!  We try to do this in the summer time, but sometimes we run out of time.  And let's just be real, we are teachers who have been in these rooms for 14+ years, and we teach, YES! WE ARE HOARDERS! We know we aren't alone with wanting to hoard and keep everything that we think we will use on that one craft or project we may do next year!  This purge is long overdue!  
Although we pack our rooms every year, this will be the first time in 16 years that our rooms will be completely empty!

Hoot #2
Today was Field Day for kindergarten!  There was rain in the forecast, and it rained...but a little rain never stopped us! We moved the races inside and had a blast!  The students were counting down the days until this day.  All the classes had so much fun, and they did so well with participating and cheering on their classmates. Here are some pictures of some of the kids racing...

The Jitterbugs were tied with another class for first place!  We had to have a tie breaker race! 

And first place went to..... 


Way to go!!  Congrats Jitterbugs!  
At the end of the day, we were all winners because fun was had by all, and the teachers survived to tell about it!      

This Week's Holler...
This week's holler goes out to Tiffany at The Lemonade Stand!  We could literally spend hours on her blog! It is on our summer reading list! Right now we love her post about parent/teacher conferences! If you are busy doing end of the year conferences, this is the place that you need to visit! She will have you organized in no time flat! Go check her out, she will have something for you!!
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