Thursday, May 26, 2016

Two Hoots and A Holler: WE MADE IT!!

Hoot #1
It was finally moving day this past weekend.  Both of our rooms had to be COMPLETELY empty!  YIKES!!!  We have been stressing about this off and on all year long!  We had our rooms packed in boxes, black garbage bags, and tubs all around our rooms.  We got a truck and a few good friends to help us move, and it was done in 3 hours!  
Our whole life was packed into this truck, or so it seemed!  And technically it took this truck load and two car loads to get all to the warehouse!  
 Six loaded pallets later, it was done!  We purged a lot of stuff when we packed too!  To think our whole career can be packed onto 6 pallets is crazy!  Of course the pallets were like 10 feet long! Now Jamie will say that over half of that belongs to Jodi! Don't let her fool you, some of her stuff was packed on the pallets with Jodi's stuff too!  Jodi has been accused of being a hoarder and being the Wal-Mart of the school because she usually has anything and everything anytime someone needs it! 

Hoot #2
We had 4 days of school this week without students, so we had the opportunity to help others as much as we could.  SEVENTEEN rooms had to be completely empty by the end of the day!  We were scrambling around trying to help out as much as we could.  This was a good thing because to sit in our empty rooms was kind of depressing.  Today was the last time that we would ever see OUR rooms where we have worked for 14+ years!  When we walk into our rooms in August, they will be forever changed.  Our careers began in these rooms, and our friendship grew between these two rooms.  As we walked to get our purses to leave today, we stood in our room and just looked around.  A completely empty classroom that is full of was just sad to see it so bare and quiet. These two rooms have held hundreds of students (close to 800) over the years.  That is 800 memories made, 800 lives touched and changed forever, 800 imaginations that felt safe to bloom, 800 little, innocent souls that felt safe and loved.  You can't put a dollar sign on that!  These rooms will be truly missed! 

  Although we are excited to see our new classrooms, we are sad to let our old classrooms go.  We can't wait until August to share the after pictures, but for now here are the before pictures of our classroom...

So until the new school year, this will be our last Two Hoots and A Holler until our new adventures in Rooms 2 and 4 begin!  You may see some random blog posts about our summer fun!  We wish all of you a relaxing, awesome summer that is filled with a lot of laughs, love, family, and making memories! 

This Week's Holler...
This week's holler goes out to  Miss Kindergarten!  This is definitely a go to blog on our list!  We love to read all about her new creations and ideas!  We love her Read & Reveal and Write & Reveal bundles in her TPT store.  Those are definitely on our wish list!  Go check her out if you haven't already!  
Miss Kindergarten

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