Thursday, October 6, 2016

Two Hoots and A Holler: Making Kinders Aware

Hoot #1
We had community volunteers visit kindergarten and first-grade classrooms to tell the adventures of Stormy the raindrop as part of the county's Stormwater Awareness Week.  Our volunteer that read to our classes just happened to be our dear friend, Mrs. Selby! Mrs. Selby is a retired preschool teacher who taught at our school for years!   Our kids LOVED hearing her read and act out the story and learn how to keep water clean.  One thing is for sure...Mrs. Selby hasn't lost her touch one bit!  She had our classes laughing, participating, and answering questions.  After the presentation, each student got to take home their own Stormy the Raindrop activity book.  Since listening to the Mrs. Selby talk about pollution, our students insist on cleaning up the playground at the end of recess every day! 

Hoot #2

International Walk to School Day was October 5th.  Our entire school participated in our annual Walk to School Day!  Even some of our parents joined us for our walk.  Our local police department helped us out by blocking off the road in front of the school during our walk.  Our students do not live close enough to walk to school, so this created a great teachable moment for us!  We got to discuss  how there are other ways some kids get to school besides a car or bus.  We talked about how in some areas students can walk to school or ride a bike to school.  The weather was perfect this morning for this! 

There is my fellow glitter girl cheering the kids on as they walk! 

This Week's Holler...
This week's holler goes out to Maria Gavin at Kinder Craze!  We love her classroom makeover!  What really caught our eye is her blog on how to build a classroom library.  We are in the process in rebuilding ours, and there was a lot of helpful information to get us started in the right direction!  She has TONS of ideas and activities to use in your classroom!  Go check her out!

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