Thursday, October 27, 2016

Two Hoots and A Holler: October Happenings

Hoot #1

This week we continued to learn about bats, spiders and all things spooky for Halloween! The students had a great time painting and creating their bats from paper sacks. This original idea was from Kimberly Jordano.
Clorox Wipe containers work great to help hold the bag in place!

By the way, we do not have uniforms at our school. The students are mostly wearing orange to bring recognition to stop bullying.

After the bags dried, they were stuffed and stapled. Eyes, ears, wings and feet were glued put in place. 

Our final step: Each student had to wrote their favorite "at" word on their bat.
"Going Batty with the "at" Family!
These kiddos were also jumping at the chance to learn all about spiders!! First, we made covers for our spider books by marble painting using white paint on black construction paper. These web paintings turned out great! I wish I had taken pictures of the finished product!

Next, we did a little science and ate just like a spider! This activity can be purchased in Deanna Jump's TPT store.  It is a wonderful way to teach students the process of how spiders prepare and eat their food.

Of course, no unit is complete without a hat!!

This was the last activity of the day! The students had a blast with this! It has become one of my favorites and theirs too!
Large milkshake straws were cut into thirds. I bought some plastic spider rings at the dollar store. I just cut the ring part off and you are ready to race. The students line their spiders up at the end of the table. When the whistle blows, they blow through their straw and continue to blow until it falls off the other end of the table.

The crowd cheers!!!

To help us get in the Halloween spirit even more, we also read several books that were all about monsters!  After reading Even Monsters Need Haircuts we created our Frankenstein monsters and we compared our name with his by counting letters, vowels, and syllables.  

Hoot #2
As many of you know, October is a busy month with all of the events and happenings....there is Bully Prevention Awareness, Breast Cancer Awareness, Red Ribbon Week, and Halloween; but October isn't complete without a visit from our local fire station!  A visit from fire fighters and paramedics came to talk to our kindergarten kiddos about fire safety and prevention.  The students even got to get in the ambulance and see all of the tools the fire fighters use on the truck.  Their day ended with getting their very own red fire fighter hat and activity book!  They could hardly wait to wear those hats home!  

Thank you Walls Fire Department and Desoto County Emergency Medical Department for taking out the time for our students!  They LOVED seeing the trucks, equipment, and gear! 
This Week's Holler...
This week's holler is the best yet. It goes out to our best friend, Stacey Brantley! Stacey and I met 16 years ago when we became neighbors. We became friends pretty quickly.  Stacey was going to school to become a teacher and I was experiencing my first year as a teacher. As the years rolled on, we became strong teachers, but even more importantly we became inseparable friends. She is currently a First grade teacher at Murrell Taylor Elementary in Jacksonville, Arkansas. Her talent with those students is something that would just put a smile on your face. Stacey is not a teacher that you can find on the internet. No, she doesn't have a blog or a TPT store. So you may be sitting there wondering why I would even tell you all about her. ????
Stacey had a beautiful baby this past summer. 8 weeks later, she found out she had breast cancer. Needless to say, her world was turned upside down. (Mine too for that matter!). She is handling it like a champ! Not only is she handling it, she is THRIVING!
So this October is a little different this year for me than most.  I couldn't let Breast Cancer Awareness month go by and not give a shout out to my best friend ! No, this cancer will not define her! She shows up every day to be there for her students.  Those students love her and her bald head, that she proudly shows because she wants her students to understand that it's OK to be yourself, and that it is OK to accept everyone! That is a life lesson, folks! Her strength and dedication to her students inspire us daily.  
I could go on and on and on and on....
She is amazing!!
We are blessed to be inseparable friends!

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