Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Christmas Has Entered The Building

I don't know about you, but December always seems like one of the most chaotic months of the school year! Just when it seems that you have gotten those little ones in a routine...BAM, December strikes!  You have testing for report cards, testing for reading levels, standardize testing, not to mention Christmas ornaments, hand crafted gifts for parents, Christmas parties, field trips... The list could go on and on!  As students get excited about the all the things that this season seems to bring, it has been so much fun creating centers that tie into all of the festivities.  Here is a look at what the Jitterbugs are doing this week!
Here is a pic of our toy soldiers and Santa's sleigh.  These were our art projects last week.  The reindeer are made from each students hand prints and foot prints.  Their noses are a strand of lights that you can get from any store!  The students loved seeing their art work come to life!
Here is one of our math centers.  I just found a Christmas tree coloring page, put colored stickers on it as ornament.  Ashlynn had a blast counting the ornaments and matching it to the correct present.  She completed the center with the recording sheet .  That is a math center that can be used the entire month of December!!Whoohoo!

Writing sentences using sight words and pics.  Our focus is beginning and ending every sentence correctly.

Here the students put the trees in order from largest to smallest. Once that was completed they measured the trees using marshmallows. Of course, there were a lot less marshmallows by the end of the day.  I think they ate most of their data! Glad I had a recording sheet for that one! lol
We also wrote the room with singular and plurals and matched CVC words to the correct reindeer.  I would post the pics but it is past my bedtime, my 3 children are screaming my name and for the life of me, I can not think of who published it to give them credit! Sorry...new blogger problems!
Finally, our tree with the first set of ornaments on them! Have a wonderful Wednesday!
By the way, what fun ornament do you create with your students?

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