Friday, December 5, 2014

Science, Science, Science!

One of our viewers asked us to address how we fit science into a schedule that is already jammed pack!  I was so excited about this question.  I know with everything that is demanded of us, I think I can not fit one more thing in!  The following is ways that I (Jitterbugs) fit science into our routine.  I hope this helps.
Mississippi is a Common Core state.  Usually at the beginning of the year, I look over the standards and see how I can incorporate the standard into the theme that we will be doing.  Right now I have 9 tubs, in each group,  as work stations.  Students have a choice as to what tubs that they would like to do.  One tub is a science tub.  It meets one of the standards that I would like my students to meet. These activities stay in the tub until I am ready to move on to another science standard. 
In the afternoons, I alternate science and social studies.  I find that most of the time, these co-inside with each other and it always incorporates writing.  Once we discuss the topic and do a couple of activities with it, I put those games and activities at the stations.

 This is one of my science book that I tend to fall back on.  I will be the first to tell you that it is "old school".  There are plenty of cute ideas on the internet to meet these standards.  But these are simple easy to set up and easy for the kids to put away.
 I hope this answers your question!  Thanks for your question!

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