Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Terrific Tuesday!

Sparkly Angel had a surprise for Ms. Jodi's Rockstars this morning!  Our tree was filled with candy canes.  We found her hanging around with this note!  

 Several students got to pick a candy cane from the tree today! 

 We made our Rudolph bags today too.  I make these out of brown grocery bags.  Since you cannot find brown bags without print on them, I just glue a long piece of brown construction paper over the front.  I bought my bags at Aldi, they are the cheapest place I have found.  We use these bags to hold all of our Christmas crafts and treats that will be sent home on the last day of school before Christmas Break.  Students worked with a partner to trace hands, then completed their bags by following directions.  I had pre-cut ears and eyes.  Students cut their own hands and noses.   Then of course, we had to add red glitter to the noses!  No project is complete without a little glitter!! 


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