Thursday, December 18, 2014

Deck the Halls

Hey Kinder Krazies!!  Well, it is the day of our Christmas Party!! The halls have been decked, the students are jolly and the glitter has been spread!  Today we will wear our pajamas, drink cocoa with marshmallows, eat cookies and pizza, make edible  Christmas trees and exchange gifts! Needless to say our day will be PACKED!!!  We have been so busy creating!  Here is a look at a few things we have done.  I can't wait to share our party pics!
These are our bags that the students will take home with all of their goodies. The students were able to decide which bag they wanted to create.  For some of them, this was a hard choice!
These are our gifts to our parents.  I make these every year.  I always love them!  They caption below the picture reads "May angels guide you throughout the year." This is a gift our parents can always cherish.  Once the year is complete, they can always staple another calendar on it!
We always make reindeer food in brown lunch sacks.  This year, I decided to make them part of my science center and as an ornament for our tree.  The students mixed the correct amounts of ingredients and used a funnel to place in their clear plastic ornament.I thought they turned our great and the parents can reuse these every year to make and hang on their own tree!

These are our Gingerbread Man glyph ornaments.  Usually I make a large one to hang in the hall, but there was just no room.  The Toy Soldiers took over!  I thought these turned out cute and the students loved making them with Q-tips! I love that they were all different!
We made our snowman ornament.  Students created the buttons by using their pinky finger.
Finally, we made our peppermint candy!  Just another keepsake for the parents:)
What kind of ornaments do you make?
Can't wait to share all of the party pics!!

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