Friday, December 19, 2014

It's the Most Busiest Time of the Year!

 OK, OK, OK  I know "most busiest" is not grammatically correct, but I was trying to make the title sound like the song that goes..."It's the most wonderful time of the year." 

I survived my Disney trip, and after 21 hours of sleep (once I got home) it was back to reality....
I missed my Rockstars so much, and I think they missed me too; I got lots of hugs when they saw me Monday morning.  Mickey Mouse even sent them a special treat since they were so well behaved while I was gone! We have been busy finishing last minute projects before we got out for Christmas.  Sparkly Angel even was happy to see me.  She got a new skirt and boots with fur while I was gone!  She has been busy this week too! Take a look at what all has been going on this week!

 Here are all of the ornaments we made over the past few weeks.  We put them in bags with a poem for their parents.

We made our gingerbread houses this week too!  I love this project.  This is my third year to do them.  I was always too scared of the chaos and mess it would make, but I absolutely love watching my students create their houses.  If you have never made these with your class, then you should definitely try it next year! 

 I didn't get a picture, but Sparkly Angel rolled our Christmas tree and room!!  I guess she was all rested up from her nap she had the day before.  She built us a snowman with marshmallows and pencils, and she had our Santa letters delivered back from Santa.  We even had some North Pole Magic (glitter) in the bag with the letters!  And of course thanks to my fellow Glitter Girl (Jamie), my students (and floor) got glitter sprinkled all over them!   Today was her last day in our room, she has to go back to the North Pole to help Santa.  She brought us a letter from Santa.  Santa lifted her magic just for this morning so we could give her a goodbye hug.

 We partied like Rockstars on Thursday!  We had a Polar Express Party in our pajamas with hot chocolate, marshmallows, cookies, and candy canes.  We watched The Polar Express until lunch time.  We had pizza, chips, KoolAid, and cupcakes for lunch in the room, and it was FINALLY time for the gift exchange.  They were very anxious to get their gifts.  We played "hot potato" with the gifts, and we opened them all together on the count of 3.  My whole class was very grateful and happy with their gift. 

 That is our week in a nutshell!  I am sure I am forgetting something because we were so BUSY!!  We made it to Friday, and now its two weeks off to spend with family.  I wish everyone a Happy, Safe, and Blessed Holiday Season.

Oh!  I almost forgot one of the sweetest things one of my students said the day of our party....
She told me this was the best day ever because it was the day of the Christmas party.  She then said, "it's the best because you get to spend time with your friends, I mean that is what Christmas is all about anyway!"  She then told me all about Jesus and how it would be his Birthday.  She said, "Jesus is why we have Christmas, we celebrate Him."  I was just overwhelmed with joy that even a 6 year old gets it!  Makes my heart smile! As your rushing around trying to find that perfect gift, try to take a moment or two and remember the true reason for the season. 

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